The Benefits of Tracking Your Amazon Seller Feedback

An important thing to understand when beginning your seller journey on Amazon is that managing customer feedback is crucial when growing an Amazon business.

Real-time feedback alerts can directly lead to higher conversion rates. Being able to address customer concerns quickly allows you to win back potential lost customers.

For example, a visitor leaves you feedback while abandoning her shopping basket due to a technical issue. If you were notified of this the moment it’s posted, you can reach out to the customer and rectify the situation, saving the sale. Additionally, the care and attention you show by reacting swiftly will almost certainly leave a positive impression on the customer, which in turn would increase her likelihood of returning.

AMZShark has automated feedback tracking to help simplify your seller experience. Their tool known as Feedback Alerts lets you get an overview of all customer feedback for a specific Amazon seller. You can use it on your own products as well as on your competition.

With this feedback, you can immediately see the needs and wishes of your visitors as well as monitor for potential problems such as incorrect or missing information along the customer journey.

Here’s how Feedback Alerts works:

  1. Enter the ASIN or product URL of product(s) belonging to a particular seller. This allows us to find that seller’s feedback.
  2. After a few moments of processing, we will show you their Seller ID and total amount of feedback reviews.
  3. Click on the feedback count to see the full text of all customer feedback. You can click “Download CSV” to export this data into an Excel file.
  4. Set your email alert threshold (between 1 and 5 stars) to receive email alerts whenever a new review is posted. We check for new feedback several times per day.

The expression ‘closing the loop’ is one frequently used in sales. Originally this term was used to describe electrical circuits, when the control loop was closed in order for the entire system to remain stable. When applied to Amazon, this is a key concept in customer experience management. It is essentially the gateway to increased online conversions and loyal customers.

Sign up for AMZShark today to try Feedback Alerts for yourself.

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