How to Find the Keywords Your Competition Ranks For on Amazon

A great way to get your product seen in all the right places on Amazon is by playing a game of “monkey see, monkey do.” In other words, if you can find out what keywords your competition ranks for, you can get a massive leg up in knowing how to shoot your product to the top of the ranks.

Taking the time to properly assess the most important keywords in your niche can maximize your revenue potential and position your product for the most searched for (and most valuable) search queries. AMZShark is an analytics software that offers several tools that make the research side of Amazon selling fast, reliable, and painless.

Here is how you can accurately discover your competitor’s best-ranking keywords using AMZShark:

Step 0: Sign up for an AMZShark subscription. We are currently offering $10 for your first month, risk free.

Step 1: Run a Niche Scout job to gain a full understanding of your seller category.
Niche Scout is chock-full of valuable information for your seller category. By entering just one keyword you can learn its average sales rank, monthly revenue, and number of reviews. Most importantly, it also shows the top products that rank on Page 1 for that keyword.

Step 2: Select the top 10 products shown in Niche Scout’s results and run them through Competition Scout.
Competition Scout is where we get to the meat of what we’re looking for. Enter the top 10 results (i.e. the highest-ranking products) we’ve acquired from Niche Scout, as well as one or two keyword suggestions to refine the software’s search. AMZShark will provide every single keyword that product ranks for. As an added bonus, it also throw in average cost-per-click as well as estimated monthly search volume.

Step 3: Voila! Lean back in your chair and start breathing a little easier, because you’re now smarter than the vast majority of your competition on Amazon. AMZShark gives you the edge you need to succeed.

Let’s see this thing in action…

Let’s say, for example, you sold kitchen appliances such as an electronic mixer.  By simply entering “mixer” into Niche Scout and selecting your country, you can see a full analysis of that niche within 5 minutes.

Following a CSV export, you can then add the top 10 products from the Niche Scout results and run them in Competition Scout.

Go through the results of each product to see your competitors’ most-used keywords, as well as vital stats.  Easy as that!

Keyword research is crucial when starting your Amazon seller journey. Let AMZShark take the guesswork out of it. Sign up today!

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