Finding Every Variation of an Amazon Product

There are millions of products listed on Amazon, and new ones are added every day.  With so much volume to sift through, finding every variation (or “child”) of a product to research can be daunting.  Luckily, AMZShark has built a system that can find every variation for you.  It’s called, obviously, Variation Scout.

Variations Scout lets you find all the variations of any product on Amazon. If a product is offered in different sizes or colors, we can help you find every variation – also known as a product’s “children” – to help with your research.

Start by adding the ASINs or URLs of the products you wish to find variations for. There is a maximum of 50 products per job.

Choose your country, add a Job Name if you want to keep things organized, and then click “Add Variations Scout Job”.

Within minutes you’ll have a detailed breakdown of every size, color, or variation of those products in an easy-to-read chart. The data can also be taken offline by selecting “Download CSV.”

This knowledge can be useful for tracking reviews, rankings or sales on a per-variation basis.

In a few minutes, variations will be pulled from Amazon, which you can then view, or download as a CSV.

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