Discovering Your Seller Niche Both Inside and Outside Amazon

It can seem daunting when you are just starting out on Amazon. There is so much research to be done – what products will bring me profit? Who are my competitors? Where should I be buying my inventory? Normally it takes months (or even years!) of experience before a seller becomes proficient in answering these questions. However, thanks to AMZShark, you can get ahead of the curve while it does all the hard work for you.

Take our tool called Supplier Scout, for example. This feature helps you find both non-Amazon competitors and potential suppliers who sell what your Amazon storefront needs. By entering a keyword into the system, in five minutes or less Supplier Scout will find every product in the top five pages of Amazon’s search results. It will then look for those products elsewhere on the web.

How It Works:

  1. Enter a keyword representing your seller category. Select your country and click “Add Supplier Scout Job.”
  2. In less than five minutes, results will populate. Click the results to see the top-selling products as well as their price, rating, number of reviews, and where else you can find them online. The arrows on each column allow you to sort results based on what’s important to you.
  3. Click “Download CSV” at the top of the page to export your findings into an easy-to-read Excel sheet.

Not only does Supplier Scout improve your chances of finding the best deal for your inventory – it also allows you to discover competitors outside of Amazon.

Supplier Scout can help you cast a wider net by showing products that are sold on platforms other than Amazon. Sign up today and watch your productivity skyrocket!

Be the First to Know When Your Buy Box Is Hijacked

Do you ever worry about losing the Buy Box on your listing to hijackers? Some Amazon products have dozens of sellers vying for control of the Buy Box. AMZShark’s solution to this common issue is a feature called Hijacking Alerts.

How it Works:

  1. Enter your products’ ASIN codes or web URLs (one per line) in the top box and then select which country you sell in.
  2. Tick the “Send Email Alerts” box to get email updates when a product is hijacked.
  3. Click “Add Hijacking Products.”

AMZShark will let you know the minute another seller takes control of your Buy Box. We also track the number of times the Buy Box has been hijacked in the past. Results refresh multiple times per day.

Sign up for AMZShark today to gain peace of mind with the constant monitoring of Hijacking Alerts.

Finding Every Variation of an Amazon Product

There are millions of products listed on Amazon, and new ones are added every day.  With so much volume to sift through, finding every variation (or “child”) of a product to research can be daunting.  Luckily, AMZShark has built a system that can find every variation for you.  It’s called, obviously, Variation Scout.

Variations Scout lets you find all the variations of any product on Amazon. If a product is offered in different sizes or colors, we can help you find every variation – also known as a product’s “children” – to help with your research.

Start by adding the ASINs or URLs of the products you wish to find variations for. There is a maximum of 50 products per job.

Choose your country, add a Job Name if you want to keep things organized, and then click “Add Variations Scout Job”.

Within minutes you’ll have a detailed breakdown of every size, color, or variation of those products in an easy-to-read chart. The data can also be taken offline by selecting “Download CSV.”

This knowledge can be useful for tracking reviews, rankings or sales on a per-variation basis.

In a few minutes, variations will be pulled from Amazon, which you can then view, or download as a CSV.

Sign up for AMZShark now and get your first month for just $10!