How to Track Amazon Sales Accurately

No matter how long you’ve been selling on Amazon, I’m sure you’re aware by now that success in selling takes research – a lot of research. One of the most important aspects of Amazon to study is stock tracking your competitors. By knowing how much inventory other sellers are moving, you can find out exactly what type of product to buy and how to edge out the competition.

But how can we track other people’s inventory? AMZShark has perfected this process in our most popular tool, Sales Tracker.

We directly track stock levels many times per day, giving accurate sales data. As a backup, we also provide Sales Rank based sales estimates.

Want to see how AMZShark users can get inside access on sales? It’s easy:

  1. Sign up for your AMZShark subscription – we are currently offering a trial month for just $10.
  2. In Sales Tracker, click the green “Add New Products” button at the top of the page to begin. Here you can enter the ASIN and country of the product(s) you’d like to add. If you don’t know the ASIN, the product URL works too. AMZShark lets you assign each product to a category, to allow easier organization.
  3. Stock takes three days to gather minimal data. This may seem long, but the more time the system has to gather the info, the stronger and more reliable the results. Data accuracy is what sets AMZShark above the rest.
  4. You’ll see a full breakdown of each product: number of daily sales, unit price, and estimated monthly revenue.
  5. By clicking “Show Data” an interactive graph will appear showing you inventory levels and sales rank for up to 90 days in the past.

Bonus: if you’re looking for the right product to sell, you can use AMZShark’s Niche Scout to find the top-selling products in any seller category in your country. Take the top ten products out of Niche Scout, add them to Sales Tracker, and find out exactly how much revenue you can produce.

Success on Amazon takes research, dedication, and confidence. AMZShark is a valuable tool that gives you assurance and peace of mind. Sign up today!

The Benefits of Tracking Your Amazon Seller Feedback

An important thing to understand when beginning your seller journey on Amazon is that managing customer feedback is crucial when growing an Amazon business.

Real-time feedback alerts can directly lead to higher conversion rates. Being able to address customer concerns quickly allows you to win back potential lost customers.

For example, a visitor leaves you feedback while abandoning her shopping basket due to a technical issue. If you were notified of this the moment it’s posted, you can reach out to the customer and rectify the situation, saving the sale. Additionally, the care and attention you show by reacting swiftly will almost certainly leave a positive impression on the customer, which in turn would increase her likelihood of returning.

AMZShark has automated feedback tracking to help simplify your seller experience. Their tool known as Feedback Alerts lets you get an overview of all customer feedback for a specific Amazon seller. You can use it on your own products as well as on your competition.

With this feedback, you can immediately see the needs and wishes of your visitors as well as monitor for potential problems such as incorrect or missing information along the customer journey.

Here’s how Feedback Alerts works:

  1. Enter the ASIN or product URL of product(s) belonging to a particular seller. This allows us to find that seller’s feedback.
  2. After a few moments of processing, we will show you their Seller ID and total amount of feedback reviews.
  3. Click on the feedback count to see the full text of all customer feedback. You can click “Download CSV” to export this data into an Excel file.
  4. Set your email alert threshold (between 1 and 5 stars) to receive email alerts whenever a new review is posted. We check for new feedback several times per day.

The expression ‘closing the loop’ is one frequently used in sales. Originally this term was used to describe electrical circuits, when the control loop was closed in order for the entire system to remain stable. When applied to Amazon, this is a key concept in customer experience management. It is essentially the gateway to increased online conversions and loyal customers.

Sign up for AMZShark today to try Feedback Alerts for yourself.

The Easy Way to Track your Product Rankings on Amazon

Amazon rank tracking can have a huge affect on how your business grows and progresses. Your rankings are the primary driver of Amazon customers to your listings, since Amazon is the third biggest search engine in the world, after Google and Yotuube. Rank tracking is also the best way to get feedback on your content optimization, as well as keeping an eye on the competition.

AMZShark’s Search Ranking Tracker allows you to check how you and your competitors organically rank in Amazon’s search engine for the search terms in your seller niche. Updates are daily and automatic.

Here’s how it works: We track the top 300 results for a given search term, and give you an update every day. By simply entering the ASINs of all products you wish to track, as well as the keywords that you aim to rank for, we can show you the day-to-day increases and decreases in search rank.

Tracking search rank using our software is more effective than manually checking, because Amazon personalizes search results based on your browsing history. Trying to do this yourself will not yield organic results.

How to Get Set Up:

  1. Click on “Manage Products” to add products by ASIN or Amazon listing URL.
  2. Then click on “Manage Keywords” to add your desired keywords. If you sell a brand of sleeping pills, you might add “sleeping pills” as your first keyword. (Side note: if you’re having trouble coming up with the relevant search terms, AMZShark offers another tool called Keyword Explorer to give you the most popular Amazon search terms.)
  1. Our simple layout shows if an item has increased or decreased on the search results page. You can apply tags to each product as a way to organize your tracking experience. Clicking “Show Data” and “Show Graph” gives you a long-term overview of each item’s rank.

    Search Rankings results are fast, reliable, and in an easy-to-read layout. All data can be exported as a CSV file. Use this tool as a leading indicator of traffic and sales improvements.  Sign up for AMZShark today to see how it can work for you.

How to Download All Reviews for your Amazon Product

It’s extremely important for Amazon sellers to keep a close eye on their customer reviews. But how is a seller expected to stay on top of it when selling at a high volume? AMZShark has created a fast and simple solution to this issue: their feature known as Review Alerts.

The Review Alerts tool allows you to keep a close eye on your own product and effortlessly track your reviews. By simply adding your product’s ASIN into the software, you can see the date, rating, title, reviewer name, and the full text of every review. The arrows at the top of the page allow you to sort the data to your liking, whether it be by date, number of stars, or alphabetically.

You can also set your preferences to receive email alerts that notify you when a new review is posted below your desired threshold, e.g. 3-stars or less, 2-stars or less, etc. Receiving an email alert the moment a negative review is posted allows you to respond quickly and work with the customer to correct any errors. Swift and effective customer service oftentimes influences the customer to replace a poor review with a better one.

AMZShark also lets you use Review Alerts on your competitors’ products, to find out what problems or praise they are receiving. With one click you can export a CSV file to take this data offline and help you better see trends in your product reviews.

Sign up here to get your Review Alerts set up today. Use this advantage to help communicate with your customers to keep your feedback rating high.